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Moroccan Lanterns Quilt


My newest pattern is here! Yay!

Moroccan Lanterns was inspired by a Turkish rug that I saw online. As soon as I saw that rug, I thought, “That looks like a quilt.” Then I thought, “That needs to BE a quilt!” And now it is. : )

No paper-piecing on this one, you guys! Just regular ol’ piecing, with a quarter-inch seam and everything. I did my version in lots of bright, vibrant jewel tones. Most of the prints are from Allison Glass’s Sun Print collection, although I did throw in a few oddball prints here and there.

Once again, the stunning quilting was done by Stephanie from Late Night Quilter. Once again, Steph did it up. All I had to do was tell her the name of the quilt, and from there she came up with a perfect, Moroccan-inspired design that I loved! Everyone—and I do mean everyone—who stopped by my booth at Quilt Market a few weeks ago had to ask who did my quilting! Thank you, Stephanie! : )

And as always, I’m celebrating the release of my new pattern by putting it on sale! Now through Sunday, you can buy the PDF pattern for just $4.99! (ETA: This sale is now over.) Click here to purchase it from my pattern shop, or here to purchase from Craftsy.

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WIP Wednesday: Final Prep

T-minus one week and counting until I leave for Quilt Market, and my final prep is in full effect!

I got my second quilt back from Stephanie of Late Night Quilter, who did the gorgeous quilting for me. Eeek, love it so much! (This pattern is now available here!)
But you know what that means—it’s binding time.

And yes, I’m still working on the embroidered sign for my booth. It’s been slow going, but I’m still hoping to get it done!

And I started doing a practice run of building the booth in my garage. This is as far as I got yesterday. Today: Walls!

What are you working on? Let’s see it!


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Spiced Chai Quilt

 I guess it’s a good sign that I want to make a whole bunch of quilts from my own book, right? Here’s another recent finish—my version of Katie’s Spiced Chai quilt from Vintage Quilt Revival.
This might be my favorite quilt in Vintage Quilt Revival. It’s simple, it’s quick and fun to make, and I think it should be a poster quilt for modern-traditionalism, because it’s got it all going on. A beautiful traditional block, plus so much of what I love about modern quilts—asymmetry, unexpected block flips and rotations, strategic color placement that emphasizes the design, use of negative space. The list goes on.
So I knew I needed my own Spiced Chai. And this was one of those rare instances where I didn’t feel the need to make a lot of design tweaks, because Katie’s quilt is kind of perfect just the way it is.
The colors in my quilt are similar to those in Katie’s version, just a little more subdued. I even used Katie’s quilting methods—except that I swapped them by putting the squiggly lines into the leaves, while the swirlies were the background. The only significant change I made was to use woodgrain prints instead of solids for the neutral blocks. Because I do love me some woodgrains. (These are from Erin McMorris’s Lush Uptown line.)
And look: more swirly quilting! After stubbornly refusing to do any FMQ other than stippling for about three years, I’m kinda proud of myself for branching out recently, can you tell? : ) Remember what I said in my last post about burying knots? This quilt totally helped me get over my fear of knots. All the more reason to love it.
Definitely one of my new favorites.
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Shooting Star Mini Quilt

Well, here’s kind of a fun little surprise (maybe more surprising to me than to you): I have a new pattern available! The Shooting Star Mini Quilt pattern from my Modern Quilt Guild SewDown Portland class is now available.

Buy Shooting Star Mini Quilt pattern here

I actually wasn’t planning to make this pattern publicly available, but I’ve had so many requests that I decided to go for it. You can purchase this pattern as a PDF download only from my Pattern Shop or from Craftsy. As always, I’m offering the pattern on sale for the first few days of its release, so get it now while it’s a bargain at $4.99! (This sale is now done.) For now, this pattern will be a PDF download only, no paper version available.

This is such a quick, easy little quilt. Many of my SewDown students finished the top during our three-hour class time. Some parts of this quilt are traditionally pieced, while others are foundation paper-pieced.

If you’re interested in giving paper-piecing a try for the first time, this pattern is a fantastic way to get your feet wet, since there are only four paper-pieced units total. That’s minimal paper-piecing time commitment for a finished quilt! (And here’s a great tutorial for piecing one of the very units in the pattern.)

High five-ing myself for remembering all that I learned in @freshlypieced's Shooting Star class at #SewDownPortland - that I made a second one! #signofagreatteacher
Photo courtesy of Monica Solorio-Snow 

I used V and Co.’s gray ombré print from the Simply Style line to create my faded-out shooting star tail. But since that line is becoming hard to find, you could also use a selection of 7 solid colors for the shooting star’s tail. In fact, Monica of The Happy Zombie did exactly that, in her quilt shown above—how cool is this? I think her version is a fabulous example of an alternate color scheme for this quilt! (Thanks, Monica, I heart you!)

Enjoy the Shooting Star Mini pattern! I really appreciate all the interest in it! As always, let me know if you have any questions, and please share your finished quilt with me if you make it! I love to see what people do with my patterns.


Going Coastal Quilt

Scrappy Triangles

When I saw Emily Herrick’s Going Coastal fabric line, I knew I had to make a quilt out of it for my dad, who is obsessed with beaches, Lake Michigan, and all things nautical. And when I saw the Scrappy Triangles tutorial from Ashley of Film In the Fridge, I knew I had to make it out of Going Coastal. And so this quilt was born!

Truth be told, I had this stack of fabric for a long time before I was able to get to this project. I wanted to make it as a Christmas gift, but sadly I just didn’t have time around the holidays. So when my dad offered to drop everything and drive four hours to babysit the girls for several days while the hubs and I went to Arizona, I knew this quilt’s time had come! It would make the perfect thank-you gift.

Scrappy Triangles

The scrappy triangle blocks came together quickly and easily thanks to Ashley’s tutorial. And there are absolutely no seams to match up, making this a fun, low-stress project—gotta have one of those every once in a while! This is a relatively small block (6.5″ by 9″ after trimming), and I needed 84 of them to get the size I wanted, so I strip-pieced them. I sewed together strip sets that were about 12.5″ long, allowing me to cut three triangles from each set—two triangles facing one direction and one triangle facing the other direction. I really churned these out using that method!

Scrappy Triangles

I added a few stash prints to my triangles, to round out the Going Coastal prints. You can spot a few Multi Pez prints in there, and I added some red stash prints as well—I wanted a lot of red, to keep the nautical theme going. The background is Free Spirit Solid Arctic White, and I did a scrappy binding using mostly GC scraps. I don’t often do scrappy bindings, but this quilt seemed to call for one.

Scrappy Triangles

For the back, I used my favorite Going Coastal prints: The bottle caps and the madras plaid. I’m not usually that big on novelty prints, but you have to love these, right? Every once in a while, there’s a fabric collection that really transports me to a particular time and/or place, and Going Coastal is one of those collections. Some of these prints may not be the most versatile stash prints, but every time I look at this line, I can practically smell the salt air. I love it when fabric design can do something like that.

So, I’m totally picturing this quilt spread out on a sandy beach, with a frosty bucket of Coronas sweating nearby. Hopefully it will get to do that someday. : ) I know they are planning to take it to their sailboat this summer, which is kinda perfect too. Enjoy, Dad!

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Asterisk Quilt

My Do. Good Stitches Asterisk quilt is done! This quilt is a little different—a bit more improvisational—than what I usually do, but I totally love how it turned out.

Back in November, I asked the ladies of the Love Circle of Do. Good Stitches to make asterisk blocks based on this tutorial. I left the design entirely up to them—the asterisks could be any size within the block, they could be wonky or straight, the strips could be any width they wanted, etc. I asked for a color palette inspired by a winter sunset—warm oranges and pinks, and cool grays and whites.

I wanted a lot of design variety in the finished quilt, and I definitely got it! Some of these blocks are kind of genuius twists on the asterisk theme, don’t you think? And Kate of Needle and Spatula was even kind enough to write this post about how to adjust the width of the asterisk strips and still keep the strips lined up. Thank you, Kate! Very handy.

I made four of these blocks myself. Of the four, this one is definitely my favorite. Too bad I miscalculated when I was making it, and the block ended up 1/2″ too small! Darn that quilty math. So I added that weird strip of Kona Coal around two sides. It works with the improvisational feel of the quilt, but I still would have liked it much better without it! Oh well.

So this one is off to Wrap Them In Love. Thank you, Love Circle, for all of these fun blocks. I really enjoyed putting this quilt together. And this quilt concludes my participation in Do. Good Stitches for the time being—I’m taking a little break from that bee while I concentrate on other commitments. But I hope to rejoin it again soon!

Quilt Stats
Design: Based on this asterisk block tutorial
Fabric: Various scraps contributed by members of the Do. Good Stitches Love Circle
Back: Flower Garden in Jelly, from Momo’s Just Wing It
Binding: Michael Miller Ta Dot Tangerine

Size: 48″ x 60″
Quilting: Free-motion stippling done by me on my home machine
Completed: March 2012

P.S. I did something a little different with my quilt pictures this time—these were all taken before I washed and crinkled the quilt. While I love love love a snuggly crinkly quilt, I’m not sure they photograph as well—the crinkles tend to obscure the details, especially in pictures. So what do you think? Do you prefer to see quilt pictures like the ones above, pre-crinkled? Or would you rather see the quilt as it will actually look when it’s in use? (Since I definitely plan to continue washing and crinkling my quilts—it’s just a matter of when in the process I should take the pictures.) I would love to hear your thoughts on this!


WIP Wednesday: The Short List

Wow! I’m down to 6 projects on my WIP list … and it’s soon to be FIVE! What the heck? I clearly need to start 7 or 8 more projects to fill out my weekly WIP posts!Just kidding. It feels pretty darn good to check things off the list. This is the lowest WIP total I’ve had probably since I started WIP Wednesday! I don’t know how long that will last, so I want to enjoy it. : )

Completed projects:

Modern Mini Challenge quilt. Blogged here. And don’t forget to go vote!

Ongoing projects:
Do. Good Stitches Asterisk quilt – I finished quilting this one today, and the binding is all made, so all I have to do is bind it. I should have this finish to show you tomorrow!
No progress:
• Gen X Quilters’ Charmed Prints QA
• Halloween quilt
• Farmer’s Wife QA
• Figgy Pudding quiltThis week’s stats:
Completed projects – 1
New projects – 0

Currently in progress – 6 (and it’ll probably be 5 by tomorrow! Woo hoo!)Okay, link up those WIPs! Just link up any post from the past week featuring a work-in-progress. Please link back here to my blog and comment on other links. Have a wonderful week!