WIP Wednesday: Just Some Yummy Fabric.

Hmmm. This is one of those weeks where everything I worked over the last seven days has already been shown on the blog, leaving me with no new Wednesday shots for you! So how about a fabric pull instead? These pretties will be going into more Lady of the Lake blocks if I can set some time aside for it in the coming week!

What are you working on this week? Let’s see it! Happy Wednesday! : )

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Reel Time Floor Pillow

In the midst of working on new patterns, I took a little break for a fun project using Zen Chic’s new line for Moda, Reel Time.

My absolute favorite Zen Chic line was Comma, and Reel Time picks up where Comma left off. Reel Time was inspired by movies and the film industry—but much like Comma, it’s got just a hint of industrial grunge, and I love that. : )

I’ve been thinking the girls might like a big pillow for when they’re lying on the floor watching TV, and what better fabric for that than Reel Time? I ended up pulling out the whites and grays and greens and combining them with some gray Essex linen. And then, because I’m still having my purple moment, I added a plummy pillow trim. : )

There are a ton of good stash-builder prints in this line that I’m planning to stockpile ASAP. I especially love the dot prints and these x’s inside of dots.

Want to see more of Reel Time? (Of course you do!) Check out the rest of the blog hop below! Lots more pretty projects to look at. : )

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Naturally Wisconsin Maple Leaf Quilt


My maple leaf quilt is finished!

If you haven’t seen my previous posts about this quilt, it’s the result of a collaboration with Milwaukee fabric designer Allison Bielke and AIGA Wisconsin (a graphic designers’ association). The AIGA and Allison organized a fabric design challenge—members were asked to design a print centered around the theme of Wisconsin’s natural beauty. We chose about half of the submitted designs and had those printed on fabric by Modern Yardage, a print-on-demand fabric company. That’s when my part of the challenge began: Designing a quilt using the selected prints!

My objective was to create a quilt that: a) showcased the fabulous prints in the best way possible, b) worked with the “Naturally Wisconsin” theme of the contest, and c) was an example of modern quilt design, which I thought would most appeal to AIGA members (and of course is what I wanted to do anyway!)

I quickly discovered that it wasn’t going to be easy meeting all of those objectives! For one thing, I don’t use a lot of large-scale focus prints in my quilting—and I’m not sure I’ve ever made a quilt almost entirely from focus prints (and 15 different ones at that). There’s a reason, after all, that quilt fabric lines usually include just one or two focus prints, complemented by lots of blenders and geometrics. And you guys—so many directional prints in this quilt. Arghghghg. : ) I had to plan very carefully as I was cutting and sewing and I admit I screwed up the direction several times!

I ended up using a classic maple leaf block, with strategically-placed negative space blocks to give it a more modern twist and to give the design some movement. The background solid in this quilt is Kona Smoke, a taupe that nicely complements the color palette Allison selected for the contest (all submissions were subject to a limited palette). I finished off the quilt with some diagonal wavy line quilting to heighten the “leaves falling” atmosphere of the quilt. (Is this wavy line quilting getting to be too much for you guys? I feel like I might have returned to that well a few too many times lately, but I really do love it, and it’s just so easy using stitch #4 on my Bernina 750!)

The back is mostly coordinating Cotton + Steel prints, but of course I had to piece in a maple leaf block in reverse (background solid for the leaf, prints as background).

This was a fun challenge to meet, and these Wisconsin-inspired prints were a joy to sew with, directional or not! I’m just in awe of how much creativity and design talent is out there—I wish every one of these peeps could have a fabric contract. Here are just some of the amazing prints I got to use in the quilt:

“Robins” by Emily Balsley
“Nature in Wisconsin Wood” by Cristina Rivero
“Blueberry Patch” by Sarah McMahon
“Cranberry Bog” by Sarah McMahon
“Big Buck” by Holly Kowalski


“Hodag” by Raymond Mawst (Not familiar with the Hodag? Here you go!)
“Bees and Zinnias” by Mary Roley
Unfortunately, none of these prints are available for sale at the moment, but that could potentially be in the works and I’ll update you all if it happens.

We are looking for places to display this quilt in Wisconsin over the next year, so if you Wisconsin folks have any suggestions, we’re all ears. It will be exhibited at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design this fall, and I’m going to try submitting it to the Wisconsin State Fair and the Wisconsin Quilt Expo as well. I’ve never entered a quilt in either of those venues, and I’m not sure the skill level of this one is up to their usual standards, but I’m hoping the Wisconsin focus and the specialness of the fabric design collaboration will be enough to get it in.

I want to thank Allison Bielke and the Wisconsin AIGA for including me on this fun project! I love fabric, I love design, and I love Wisconsin, so it was pretty fabulous to work on something that included all of those things. : )


My Maple Leaf Quilt (and Me!) at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design

Good morning, and happy Monday! I have an exciting collaboration/project/event to talk to you all about today.

Many months ago, local fabric designer Allison Bielke (whose fabric is available at Modern Yardage) approached me with a fun idea for a fabric design contest. We teamed up with the Wisconsin AIGA (a graphic design association) for a contest challenging Wisconsin designers to create prints inspired by our state’s natural beauty.

We chose a handful of the prints that were submitted for the contest, had them printed on fabric by Modern Yardage, and I’m creating a quilt using all of the prints. It’s been a fun design challenge to come up with something that showcased the prints nicely, tied in with the theme of Wisconsin’s natural beauty, and had a modern design that would appeal to the AIGA crowd.
I ended up choosing a simple, classic maple leaf design, and I think it’s looking amazing.
On Tuesday night, I’ll be unveiling the completed quilt at a special event at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design! The event is open to the public, so I hope all you local peeps will come out for it!
Allison will be talking about her design process when creating her fun, often retro-inspired prints, and what it’s like to be a fabric designer. I’ll be talking about my design process for creating my quilts (especially this particular quilt), as well as fabric design from the consumer’s perspective. What do quilters and sewists buy, and why do they buy it? What do the most successful fabric designers do well that makes them so successful? We’ll also be raffling off some quilts, and Allison and I will have fabric and patterns available for sale.
The event starts at 6 p.m. Click here to purchase tickets. I hope to see you there!

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WIP Wednesday: Pre-Vacay

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
So I’ve got a little vacation coming up, which of course means three times as much work while I get ready for the vacation. That’s always the way, right?

But when I’m not hard at work on my preparations to relax, here’s what I’ve been doing …

… some straight-line quilting (can’t show you more than this, sorry)

… using Monica Solorio-Snow‘s Sew Yummy fabric line for Cloud 9 in a fun little block (more on that in a bit)

… cutting into this lovely stack of Emmy Grace by Bari J for Art Gallery Fabrics

… and admiring my Aviatrix Medallion in Cotton + Steel (though not necessarily making any progress on it).

And speaking of vacation, WIP Wednesday is going on one too, while I’m gone! There will be NO WIP Wednesday the last two weeks of July. But feel free to carry on, on Instagram—you guys don’t really need me over there, do you? : ) WIP Wednesday will officially be back on August 6 with guest host Cori of Let’s Eat Grandpa, and then I’ll be back in the saddle on August 13. (And don’t worry, I’m leaving you with some other pre-written, pre-scheduled blog posts while I’m gone!)

This week’s WIP Wednesday sponsor:
Today let’s thank my newest sponsor, Shabby Fabrics! Shabby Fabrics is having a huuuuuuuge Christmas in July sale, July 18-21, with ALL Christmas fabric 30% off—including the brand new collections! Head over there now to check out their newly redesigned website and add to your wishlist so you’re ready for Friday’s sale. Remember, if you love WIP Wednesday, you can say thank you by supporting my wonderful sponsors!
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WIP Wednesday: With Guest Host Lucy from Charm About You

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
Happy June everyone! I am Lucy and I blog at Charm About You. Mum of three, crazy in love with my husband and total fabric addict from Manchester, UK.

To be honest I have so many WIPs and not enough time to take pictures of them so I’m going to show you the things I’m currently loving working on…
My Rose Star quilt has been in progress since December 2011 and I’m finally working on the borders. The instigator of my English Paper Piecing love and the rose star block tutorial is by Clare at Selfsewn.


It’s one of those ongoing projects that gets picked up and put down between other things I’m working on, but since I received these gorgeous fabrics in a low volume swap, organised by my awesome friend Rebecca, I am motivated to finish the borders and get to work on hand quilting.



I started one of those ‘just because’ projects the other day—you will have seen snippets of this if you follow my blog or IG. After seeing Svetlana’s adorable slippers I got a copy of Stitch Magazine (Summer 2011) because I found it on sale. If you want to make some you can get the brilliant pattern by Ayumi here. The soles are quilted and I’m working on quilting the top parts, then proper construction can begin:



I’ve also made progress on my le challenge project. Le Challenge is another blog I host with my talented friend Nat from Made in Home. Every month we set a theme and have a link party for finishes on the 15th of each month, with one random link winning a $25 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop. You can create something with any type of art or craft, and this month’s theme is CHARITY. I am planning to do some free motion quilting on this quilt top and I hope I can get finished in time (FYI a finished quilt top will count as a finish in the link party, I’m just trying to push myself!).


When I saw the beautiful hexy quilted ottoman that Adrianne made last summer I had to make one. The pattern is by Penny at Stitch Playroom. Because I used this dotty curtain fabric I felt like the centre needed something else. I was going to save this to show when I’d finished the whole thing but I finished it, love it and here seems as good a place as any to show it off 😉
I used DMC soluble canvas to cross stitch this pattern based on the famous Robert Indiana design. It is a perfect choice as it will always make me smile and is a reminder of our honeymoon, part of which was in New York. I can’t wait to finish this ottoman and put my feet up while I’m hand sewing!


Thank you to Lee for having me, and come and visit Charm About You to see these WIPs finished (eventually)!

Today’s WIP Wednesday has been brought to you by Cotton Bliss. Cotton Bliss has a new customer loyalty program that offers 3% back on all purchases. Can’t argue with that, right? And holiday pre-cuts are now in stock, with yardage coming soon—start planning your Christmas sewing!

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WIP Wednesday: Sewing For Me

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
So, this was kind of a recovery week for me after the craziness of Market, and I had a busy Memorial Day weekend that involved absolutely zero sewing. But last week I said I was looking forward to doing some sewing that was just for me, and I did accomplish a little of that this week too. Whew. : )

Since I brought home that bundle of Cotton + Steel, I decided to put it to use in my Aviatrix Medallion quilt (This is quite possibly the fastest I’ve ever cut into a Sample Spree purchase, by the way.)

How much do you just love this selvage on one of Melody Miller’s Cotton + Steel prints? Food for thought while you’re sewing.

This week I’m really throwing myself into that Aviatrix Medallion, so stay tuned for some progress on that one! (I hope. Fingers crossed.)

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WIP Wednesday: Two-Patch Two-Step

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
Hey! Happy Wednesday!

I got more done on my Grandmother’s Two Patch quilt! It’s coming right along.

And this arrived at my house today! It’s Sara Lawson‘s Jungle Ave. line from Art Gallery Fabrics. I heart that Chicago El Map print!

My projects with this fabric just jumped to the head of the line in importance, so expect to see more with these beauties soon.

Today’s WIP Wednesday is brought to you by Westwood Acres! Go send ’em some love!

What are you working on this week? Here are the linky rules:
1. Link up any blog post from the past week that features an unfinished work-in-progress (WIP).
2. Somewhere in your post, you must link back here to my blog.
3. Comment on at least a few of the other WIP Wednesday links—commenting on the two or three links directly before yours works well to make sure everyone gets comments!Have a lovely and productive week!


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Birch Tree Shimmer Mini Quilt

Hey there! Welcome to my stop on Jennifer Sampou’s Shimmer blog hop!

You know, once upon a time, I thought I would never like metallic fabrics. But I also once thought I would never wear skinny jeans and never get tired of chevron prints. Never say never in fashion or quilting. : ) Metallics are totally on trend these days, and I’m loving them. Jennifer Sampou’s new fabric line for Robert Kaufman, Shimmer, is metallics done right!


Maybe it’s the long, cold winter we’ve had here in Wisconsin, or maybe it’s just the repeated viewings of the movie “Frozen” with my daughters, but when I saw the Shimmer line, I immediately thought of white on silver. A quick scan of my Pinterest inspiration boards led me to this lovely, minimal graphic composition, and suddenly I knew just what I wanted to do!

So I made this little birch tree mini quilt. It may seem an odd project for me to whip up at a time when winter is finally releasing its icy grip on my ‘hood, but I guess this is my way of bidding the season goodbye. : ) The trees were very easy to piece improvisationally—I cut a large background square of silver Shimmer fabric and then slashed through it on angles to place the tree trunks. Ditto for the birch bark notches, with more Shimmer pieced into to those.

It was only when I was piecing the third and final tree that it hit me—what is the perfect counterpoint to a birch tree in the snow? Why, a cardinal sitting in its branches, of course! Even though the quilt was already almost done at that point, suddenly I had to have a cardinal.

I wanted the cardinal to be just a small accent, which meant I needed a relatively simple paper-pieced block, so that it was doable when reduced way down. This free block from McCall’s (minus the bird’s legs) fit the bill. I printed the templates at 30% size. Crazy small, but sure enough, it worked! I love itty bitty paper-piecing! The beauty of it is that you can do paper-piecing this small, and it’s just as easy as when it’s normal sized.

I finished my mini off with more Shimmer prints on the back and for the binding, plus some wavy line quilting. But I think the luster of the silver background print is really what makes this mini special. It shines. Literally.

Want to try some Shimmer for yourself? I’m giving away a charm pack of Shimmer prints—just leave a comment on this post to enter. I’ll draw a random winner at the end of the week. And keep following the blog hop for more inspiration using this fabric line, and more chances to win! Jennifer is giving away a full fat-quarter bundle at the end of the hop!

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