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WIP Wednesday: Summer’s End

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
Wednesday again already? My girls have two weeks left of summer vacation, and it is flying by, you guys. Here’s where I’m at on some of my projects:

My upcoming Christmas pattern is coming right along! It’s a Nordic-inspired design that I’m tentatively calling “Christmas Sweater.” : ) (You can now buy the pattern here!)

Can’t wait to get this baby together.

And of course, my new sewing space is my other big project! We added french doors to the doorway, the lights are installed, and they finished the drywall work earlier today—which means I get to paint, paint, paint this week. And how much do you love my aqua light fixtures? I got my craftiness on and spray-painted some cheapie white fixtures.

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So remember how I said I’ve been making some changes in my sewing room?

It all started with this Follower Friday post on Gen X Quilters. When I saw Kati’s amazing design wall, I thought, that it’s—why haven’t I made one of those yet?

The thing is, I’ve been sewing in a room that was set up more than six years ago as an office, so that I could work from home full time. After I had my girls, I worked less and less and sewed more and more. But I guess I never stopped and took a hard, objective look at my space and how I was using it. I now spend 95 percent of my time in that room sewing, but sewing stuff took up maybe 20 percent of the space. I mean, check out that gigantic corner workstation desk. What on earth was that still doing in there?? It was a handy spot for stacking things (and I’ve got a lot of stacks), but it also commanded a hefty chunk of real estate. Including valuable wall space that could become a design wall. Duh.

So the corner desk, plus a whole lot of other officey stuff, was finally banished to the basement this week. And in its place: A lovely flannel sheet nailed to the wall! I can’t believe I didn’t do this earlier! Too bad I’m still using that awful office chair. Sitting in it makes me feel more like the CEO of a bank than a mommy working on a quilt.

I also decided my thread, needles, and other notions deserved better than just being dumped all together into a giant basket. There was stuff in the bottom of that basket that I didn’t even remember I had, because it was too hard to find. A cosmetics organizer from Bed Bath & Beyond seems to fit the bill (top shelf). Now I can see almost everything I have, and the basket is perfect for my rulers. The middle shelf is where I’m keeping tops that are awaiting quilting.

I love my new and improved sewing room! I don’t have as much desk space now for my stacks, but that’s what the floor is for, I guess. It just goes to show that every once in a while, you have to try to look at your space with fresh eyes and think about how it could be used better. Just because you’ve always used it in a certain way doesn’t mean you still should.